It all started when I wanted to process my own fleece. I started with a Romney fleece. I picked through it and washed it and sent it out to be processed into roving for me. Then I had loads of fiber to play with, dye, spin and knit. My next step was buying the fiber prepping tools and getting another fleece.  

I work in a little corner of my home in WI. I'm raising 4 children and they love to watch me work and give me inspiration daily. They sometimes pick out colors for me to card up! I do fibery things in between my motherly duties and love knowing that my kids are learning these things at a young age.

I wanted to share my love of all things fiber with others so i opened up my etsy shop.  I sell puni style rolags, hand dyed roving, batts, hand combed top and sometimes project bags. In my rolags and batts you may find some  fiber i prepped, washed and dyed my self, commercial top dyed by me and some commercial dyed top.

​My hope is that something catches your eye and you fall in love having a happy spinning experience


All things fiber!